Strategic Partners


Michigan Economic Development Corporation

With more years of economic development experience than any other state, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation is considered one of the most effective business development corporation in the nation today. Its mission is keeping good jobs in Michigan and attracting more of them to the state.


Michigan SBDC

The MI-SBDC network provides a full range of services and tools for small businesses emerging and growing in Michigan's 83 counties. The organization’s Small Business, Technology, Manufacturing Assistance and Growth Group teams are dedicated to provide expert assistance to the individual needs of Michigan's small businesses. With offices statewide, the MI-SBDC positively impacts Michigan's economy by strengthening companies, creating new jobs, retaining existing jobs and assisting companies define their path to success.


Southwest Michigan First

Southwest Michigan First is a privately funded, 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation formed by business and higher education leaders to promote economic development in Kalamazoo and the southwest Michigan region. Its mission is to retain, expand and attract businesses in the region.


WMed Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is one part economic growth engine, one part technology enabler. It offers office space, equipment, common areas, managerial and technical assistance. By putting like-minded firms together in an environment built for growth, the Innovation Center creates cost-efficiencies and opportunities for very productive partnerships.


Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University is a vibrant, nationally recognized student-centered research institution with an enrollment of nearly 30,000. WMU is focused on delivering high-quality undergraduate instruction, advancing its growing graduate division and fostering significant research activities.